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Advice before making a claim:
Read the Accident coverage details to check if you are covered and avoid wasting time if you are not.
This insurance has no cost for the courier.
If you suffered an accident on April 14th or before
File your claim with Qover
If you suffered an accident on April 15th or after
File your claim with Ferrer & Ojeda

When you use the app as a delivery driver, Qover and Chubb offer free insurance for your benefit. The aforementioned insurance covers you while you use the Glovo application, from the moment you log in to the application until 1 hour after you have closed the session. Therefore, as long as you are on the road connected using Glovo, insurance will protect you in the event of an accident. The details provided below are for informational purposes only and are not contractual. See the Terms and Conditions for the full list of coverages and exclusions.

Your insurance in a nutshell

Insurance company will pay *

The below applies if you had an accident while using Glovo

  • Your medical expenses, including dental treatment
  • A compensation for some fracture, dislocations & sprains*
  • A daily indemnity up to 30 days in case you can't work following an accident
  • An indemnity in case of death, permanent or partial disability
  • An indemnity for funeral expenses, including funeral cost
  • An indemnity for your family in case of death

Insurance company won't pay *

  • The medical expenses that occured more than 30 days after the accident
  • Not all type of fracture, dislocations & sprains are covered
  • If you can't work following an accident, the first 7 days of your temporary incapacity
  • If you were under influence (e.g. alcohol or drug)
  • If you caused the accident intentionally
  • The damages you have caused to third parties
  • Your material damages (e.g. phone or bike broken)

* See the full list of exclusions and coverages in the general conditions of the insurance

Your income is protected in the event of an accident

If after an accident you suffer a disability that prevents you from performing your activity, the insurance will cover the amount of the benefit indicated in the policy. You will receive compensation from the eighth day of temporary total disability.

Accident Medical Expenses

If you suffer a slip, fall off your bike or have a car accident and suffer a broken arm or leg while using the Glovo application, the insurance company will cover a percentage of the benefit amount indicated in the policy.
Benefit: up to ֏ 727,957.69
Hospitalization expenses
Cost of doctor's visits
Pharmaceutical expenses
Cost of X-rays
Surgical procedures and medical examinations
Emergency dental treatment
costs related to a fracture
dislocation or sprains
The purchase/rental of necessary medical equipment (e.g. crutches, special fracture boots, etc.)

Fractures, dislocations and sprains

The insurance will cover up to the maximum benefit amount indicated in the policy for the following medical expenses if they occurred within 30 days from the date of the accident.
Benefit: up to ֏ 1,257,649
Not all fractures are covered by the insurance, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Protects your income

Your accident insurance provides you with income support in case you are unable to perform your activity after an accident while you are connected using Glovo. Accommodation expenses, fees, analysis, medicines... your hospital bill can quickly reach exorbitant amounts in case of an accident. Thanks to the extensive coverage of this insurance, you no longer have to worry about it.

Benefit: ֏ 6,288 per day, payable for a maximum of 30 days
Costs related to a fracture

The insurance company will not pay:

Medical expenses occurring more than 30 days after the accident
Not all types of fractures, dislocations and sprains are covered
If you are unable to work after an accident, the first 7 days of temporary disability
If you were under the influence of substances (e.g., alcohol or drugs)
If you intentionally caused the accident
Property damage (e.g. broken telephone or bicycle)
See the complete list of exclusions and coverages in the general conditions of the insurance.

Financial protection for your family

This insurance provides financial protection for your loved ones in the event of death after an accident. This insurance also protects you in case of total or partial disability due to an accident.

Accidental Death

The sum insured helps to financially protect the future of your loved ones and to maintain your family's standard of living.
In case of death in an accident
Benefit: ֏ 10,690,016
Coverage up to one year later
Benefit: ֏ 10,690,016
Orphan's pension
Benefit: ֏ 5,345,008
Funeral expenses
Benefit: ֏ 1,886,473

Repatriation. Accompanying family members

Repatriation to country of origin in case of death or total disability. The insurance also covers the cost of accommodation of an accompanying person in hospital (in the event of hospitalization for at least 7 days) and/or in the event of repatriation.
Repatriation benefit: ֏ 157,206 per day (max. 5 days)
Hospital family visit allowance: ֏ 94,324 per day (max. 10 days)
Accompanying family members

Legal assistance

Legal expenses for your defense and possible claims are covered by the insurance.

Benefit: ֏ 3,144,122
Legal Assistance

Total or partial permanent disability

If due to an accident you become permanently disabled, the insurance will cover the amount of the benefit indicated in the policy.

Permanent total disability
Benefit: ֏ 10,690,016
Permanent partial disability
Benefit: up to ֏ 10,690,016

Permanent partial disability

Total loss of hand or palm
Total handicapping of the arm movement
Total traffic impairment in the elbow or wrist
Total loss of thumb or pointing finger
Loss of three fingers other than thumb or index finger
Loss of thumb and one finger, except for the pointing finger
Loss of three fingers, including thumb or pointing finger
Loss of the pointing finger and another finger, except thumb
Loss of thumb
Loss of the pointing finger
Loss of middle finger, cordial or small
Loss of two out of recent fingers
Loss legs above the knee
Loss of legs below the knee or loss of the foot
Partial feet amputation, including all fingers
Total deafness in one ear
Removal of the lower jaw
Unwrapped leg or foot fracture
Non-consolidated violinist break
Total traffic impairment in the hip or knee
Shortening the lower limb by at least 5 cm
Loss of a big finger
Total loss of one eye or limiting the binocular vision or half

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