Find the answers to all your questions about accident cover you have while using Glovo

01. What do I do after an accident?

If you have been injured in an accident, the most important priority is getting medical attention. Assuming that you don't need to be taken to the emergency room immediately, it is advisable to take photos and videos of the scene of the accident and get contact info of witnesses, if any. Once you've done that, you need to log the incident through the claim form on the Glovo app.

02. How do I make a claim?

Fill out a claim form online or through the Glovo app along with any relevant documents.

03. How long can I take to file a personal injury claim?

All documents should be forwarded within six months of the accident or when the claimant has been discharged from hospital.

04. How do I make a claim for my lost earnings?

You can claim your lost earnings by providing supporting documents from your primary care doctor with the amount of time they advise you to take off of work.

06. Are original medical bills/invoices required to support my claim for medical expenses reimbursement?

Claims for medical expenses must always be supported with original bills/invoices if they are above Kshs.144,400. One will only need to submit photocopies of the hospital bills if it's less than Kshs.144,400. But we recommend you submit the original medical bill nevertheless.

07. If I pay my medical expenses, in whose name will the insurance make the settlement?

The insurance company will make the settlement in the name of the injured once he or she has duly filled the discharge voucher with his/her bank details.

08. How do I get the detailed statement of the injured person on the incident?

The injured should write the statement of the accident stating the date of the accident, nature of their injuries and what transpired. It is also important to mention where the rider was coming from and heading to, also stating the name of the road or place where the accident occurred.

09. How is a death benefit paid under a personal accident insurance policy?

The death benefit is paid to the beneficiary nominated by the policy owner provided he or she is above 18 years of age. In the case where no beneficiary is nominated, the death benefit will be paid to the legal representative of the deceased’s estate or alternative as provided by the law.

It is advisable for the beneficiary to submit a Leers of Administration to enable the insurance company to write a leer to your bank authorising keen of the deceased to access the funds. Leers of Administration is essentially a grant of administration by law allowing a named individual to administer the estate (when a person dies, all their personal assets, including property, bank accounts, investments and personal belongings in their sole name collectively form part of their estate).

Leers of Administration are issued to the person (or their guardian if they are a minor) if the deceased died without a will or if they did not name an executor as such for whatever reason. The Leers of Administration are granted by the Chief or Sub-Chief of the location the deceased came from to permit and authorise the administrator to deal with the management and distribution of a deceased person’s property.

10. Does the insurance pay for the cost of the medical report?

No. It is for the claimant to prove his claim with reasonable evidence and at his or her own expense.

11. How soon should a claim be notified?

Some policies may state a specific period to notify of a claim, but the policy requires that a claim should be reported as soon as possible after the accident.

12.Does the insurance recognise traditional treatment?

These treatments will not be recognised unless medical receipts are provided.

13. Where do I get a police abstract report in case of an accident?

The accident should be reported to the nearest police station and the police will provide the police abstract report.

14. Why do I need the contract of the injured?

To show that the injured is a courier using the Glovo app.

15. Why do you need Glovo’s report showing the rider was on duty?

To prove that the injured was actually connected to the Glovo app at the time of the accident.

16. Is the medical report and discharge summary mandatory?

For minor injuries, the medical report is not mandatory. However, if the injured is not hospitalised and or admitted, then the discharge summary is not very necessary.

17. Why do you need a copy of the national ID card?

This is for identification purposes.

18. Who has to certify the documents?

The claim form should be certified by Glovoapp Kenya Ltd while the Britam Medical Cerficate (to be filled by a qualified medical practitioner) and certified by the same in case there is a Permanent Disability given.

19. Who do I contact in the case I need assistance regarding my claim?

You can contact: Mr. Rickens Libese of Chester Insurance Brokers Ltd on 0721-226033 or Mr. Harrison of Chester Insurance Brokers Ltd on 0721-672459 or Mr. Dishon on 0725-224034 for assistance or more details on claims related matters.

20. Where should I submit my claim documentation?

The claim documents should be submitted to Chester Insurance Brokers Ltd, 3rd Floor, Sclaters House, Parklands Road opp Mayfair Casino. The soft copies of the claim documents can be emailed to for claim processing.

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