Find the answers to all your questions about accident cover you have while using Glovo

What information do I provide with my claim?

Please have at least the below information ready:

Your contract details (first name, last name, email ...)

The type of vehicule you were using

The date and time of the accident

The location of the accident

Description of what happened

Description of your injuries (if any)

Depending on the type of claim you will also be requested to upload evidences (non-exhaustive list):

  • Medical Report
  • Incidence Report
  • Prescription
  • Medical Receipt(s)
  • Pictures of Injury
  • Snapshot of your last order
  • Rider License
  • Excuse Duty (if any)

The police report is only needed for severe accidents where police need to attend to the scene.

What should I do in case of an accident?

Safety first! The first thing to do in the case of an accident is to check that all parties are okay. If anyone is injured or in danger, call the emergency number and make sure help is on the way. Then, exchange thorough contact information (full name as in their ID, email, phone number, address) with other parties and possible witnesses involved. Take photos of possible damage to any vehicles or property. Later, and hopefully as soon as you’re able, you should file a claim to get insurance coverage.

How do I make a claim?

You simply fill out the form on

Is damage to my own property covered?

The current insurance coverage provided while using Glovo app does not cover damages to your own property, like bike, phone, motorcycle, or car. However, if you are delivering with a motor vehicle and have an incident with another motor vehicle that is at fault, damages to your property are often covered by the other vehicle’s mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance. As a bike courier, you can consider getting additional insurance to cover damage to your property. For this, please contact your insurance provider directly.

How do I get the money if my claim is accepted?

The handler of the claim will collect all the information and documents needed to manage your claim.You will get the compensation as soon as possible after the claim has been accepted. The benefit will be paid to your bank account.To make the payment, the claim handler will also ask for your bank account number

Do I need to somehow activate this insurance?

No, you are automatically covered while you're connected to the app and don't have to do anything.

What kind of documents do I have to present?

Whenever a bodily injury occurs, the first thing you should do is visit a doctor, or go to the hospital. Claims for personal accidents are always paid against evidence, and you will get – and should ask for – the necessary documentation from the doctor or the hospital.Depending on the claim you will be requested to upload various evidences.The more you can provide when submitting your claim, the faster your claim will be handled

What is Glovo’s courier partner insurance about?

This is an insurance coverage that is fully free for you as a Glovo courier partner. Glovo is the policyholder, and you are the beneficiary.